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New York, NY
Health + Addiction
We seek to eliminate the stigma surrounding mental illness and encourage help seeking in high stress professions. Focused currently on the legal community, we work with law students, law school administrators, lawyers and law firms to encourage candid and helpful conversations about mental illness, stress and depression. Organized 10 years ago after the death by suicide of a recent Fordham Law School graduate, Dave Nee, his friends and family realized that they never knew how much their friend was struggling. Eager to understand how they could have intervened if they had a better understanding of depression and mental illness, they started the Dave Nee Foundation. We now work in more than 50 law schools across the country, we work with Bar Associations and law firms. We engage in research to document the extent of the challenges facing law students and lawyers, we design solutions and we connect and convene interested individuals and institutions to problem solve.

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