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02: Love = Water: 1 DIL artist.
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The second Design Fund offering was our first project where the topic was selected by you and other helpful Design Is Love members. Having conducted a vote via our poll, we learned "Disaster Relief" was the theme which our community most wanted to see explored. So, giving the voters what they wanted, we're pleased to present Design Fund 02: Disaster Relief.

Our creative winner Brittany Phillips (Fayetteville, Arkansas USA) designed this beautiful t-shirt to express her concern for water conservation and her message to all of us to be mindful of the same. "Love = Water" is a simple, graphic idea that aims to reinforce the concept of sharing water as a necessity to sustained global health, both everyday and in times of crisis.

Printed on super-soft American Apparel shirts with a sweet (and not so little) message on the inside, each shirt is the "Real Deal"!

Our Design Fund projects provide participants with an opportunity to express themselves freely and see their work produced. Every penny from each Design Fund sale is repurposed to support future work by someone you may not even know…yet. Participation = Support for everyone involved!

Our community grows through collective support. Share the love and make a purchase to help guarantee the production of another successful Design Fund project!

Brittany Phillips is a graphic designer living in Northwest Arkansas. From a project standpoint, she tries to stay versatile because a diverse client and project list helps keep creativity fresh. Brittany believes each client deserves dependability and honesty, as well as a commitment to finding solutions in unexpected places. She states: creativity, consistency and often simple solutions make good design. We couldn’t agree more.


Hi Brittany and thank you for your time. Can you tell us what it was about the topic, “Disaster Relief”, that caused you to participate in the DIL Design Fund? Why is water conservation so important for us to understand and support?

These two answers are really the same. The world's water situation is not good. The statistics alone are startling. Less than 2% of the world's water supply is suitable for drinking; conservation is paramount to the preservation of the earth's EXISTING drinking water supply. Also, the area I live in (Northwest Arkansas) continues to grow, but its water supply doesn't. This is the same for other areas of the country and world.

So I guess "respecting" water is a good message whether you are talking about conserving it for the future, or providing it during a crisis.

Your vision on this project was a bit different than what we here at Design is Love expected. Thatʼs always a good thing, but can you describe for us how the topic of water conservation transitioned into a message of disaster relief for you?

My original idea was that the lack of water alone WAS the crisis, but in developing the concept I decided that additionally, in the wake of a natural disaster such as a hurricane or earthquake, water is often the number one need--so in a natural disaster, water=love.

Can you share a bit about your background and creative philosophy with us?

I am a graphic designer living in Fayetteville, Arkansas. From a project standpoint, I try to stay versatile because a diverse "to do" list helps keep creativity fresh. I believe each client or project deserves dependability and honesty, as well as a commitment to finding solutions in unexpected places.

We couldnʼt agree more. Despite the fact that the Design Fund provides creative liberty, were there any challenges for you with this project?

Making the time to take on personal projects is always a challenge with a full plate of client work, teaching and running a t-shirt business. IT is ALWAYS worth the time and an important part of staying balanced as a designer.

What was the inspiration for your design?

Simple solutions often make good design.

How did you hear about Design Is Love?

Through the design community at large. I originally loved the messaging and execution in their "when I grow up, I want to be me" t-shirt, bought it, and have followed them ever since.

What was it like to work with the Design Is Love team?

They were wonderful to collaborate with. Along with being based on a great concept, I also love Design Is Love's clean aesthetic and use of typography. Hopefully, they will continue to grow in the design community. The Design Fund is a great "pay it forward" message.

What was the value of the Design Fund project for your own personal creative expression?

It was the opportunity to collaborate and be involved in the design community. I do a lot of corporate work, so it was nice to design a t-shirt (something I collect and consider a design staple).

What do you think the value of the Design Fund project is for the community or public at large?

It's a wonderful stage for designers to collaborate and work for the good of an cause or organization and I am always delighted when I see an important message paired with good design.

Thank you Brittany!

You took the time to read the whole article. That’s no small feat. We hope you’ll visit our shop to purchase this inspiring shirt and help grow the Design Fund. Thanks for your support.

Article / Interviews by Design is Love contributing writer Lisa Miulski. Show some love: visit her site and blog.